At this retail park in Somerset the carbon dioxide levels within the building were triggering the alarms. Subsequent investigations using a tracer gas injected into the passive vents revealed numerous ingress points within the structure and the retrospective installation of three positive pressurisation units, as part of a clean air blanket system, restored the correct level of gas protection.

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Remediation Innovation Award Winners - Prestige Air Technology

Houses on an estate in Cheshire had been designed to resist the ingress of ground gases by including vented subfloor voids and gas resistant membranes, the application of tracer gas testing by Prestige Air showed the membrane to be ineffective. The membranes in all 24 houses were replaced by Prestige Air, following which further testing demonstrated the new membranes to be fully sealed and certification was issued.

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At a water sports and restaurant complex in Manchester the existing gas protection system was causing frequent evacuation of the property. The non-disruptive and discreet installation of four Positive Pressure Units gave the structure the uninterrupted protection of an engineered positive pressure system.
At this leisure centre subsidence of the ground had revealed that the gas barrier installed during construction had numerous splits. Varying in size up to 200mm the poured concrete could be seen protruding through the membrane with ten being visible in a randomly selected area of 15m². The retrospective installation of six Positive Pressurisation Units gave the building the required level of gas protection.

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