As the pressure to build on or near brown field sites grows, the protection of such sites against contaminants becomes increasingly important. Clean Air Blanket (CAB) provides this protection by maintaining a safe environment in buildings on, or adjacent to, contaminated land. The system unlocks the potential for development of brown field sites and is compatible with all types of construction and all levels of contamination.
A Clean Air Blanket system maintains a zone of positive air pressure beneath a building that dilutes and disperses any gas emerging from the ground. To do this, air from outside the building is introduced beneath the building via a system of pipes and diffuser heads. The air pressure is then released at the perimeter of the building.
CAB provides complete peace of mind for both specifiers and owners of buildings. The fitness for purpose of each Clean Air Blanket installation is underwritten by product liability insurers. The system is also approved by BRE.

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