Low Risk Sites

For hydrocarbon protection on low risk sites we install a strong and durable single layer HDPE membrane. The installation is then gas integrity tested and certified. Where the risk is higher we also install a positive pressurisation unit to provide complete protection.
High Risk Sites

Hydrocarbon contamination is a cocktail of many different Volatile Organic Compounds with some presenting a risk at Parts Per Million levels.

For anything other than low risk sites CIRIA 716(2012) advises multiple levels of protection. The installation of a Positive Pressure Unit in conjunction with a hydrocarbon membrane produces a clean zone below the barrier to give a provable multilayered system of Hydrocarbon protection.

•  Built in GSM telemetry connects the system to Prestige Air's 24 Hr remote monitoring service to provide a fit and forget solution.

•  Permanent Sub floor probes prove the system.

•  Vapour Barrier integrity tested and certified.
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