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Newton PAC 500 Case Study – Pewsey Library

Due to the sensitive nature of the site which contains the remains of a 12th Century medieval settlement Wessex Archaeology were commissioned to undertake an archaeological watching brief during construction of the basement library at the Old Rectory in Pewsey.

The ground gas investigations had detected elevated levels of Carbon Dioxide at 14% which with a flow rate of 0.1 l/h placed the site in Characteristic Situation 2 and under the guidance provided by BS8485 required ground gas protection measures to be incorporated within the construction to achieve a point score of 3.0 points.

Being constructed as a basement library and following the guidance provided by BS8102 the construction was classified as a Grade 3 Basement Use and it was decided to install a Type C internally applied waterproofing system.

The Newton PAC 500 system is a Type C internally applied waterproofing system which uniquely incorporates a void former that is actively ventilated to give protection from Carbon Dioxide gas. Under the BS8485 2007 guidance this system in combination with the concrete construction achieved 3.5 points and provided the correct level of waterproofing and gas protection. The up dated BS8485 2015 further confirmed the Newton PAC 500 system to the effective solution.