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Existing Buildings Gas Protection

As experts in the application of positive pressure technology to the problem of ground gas protection Prestige Air has engineered the Low Energy Clean Air Blanket. The system operates by delivering a supply of clean fresh air and diffusing it below the floor construction, this disperses any accumulated gas and creates a blanket of air. This provable solution can be installed on existing buildings.

At a water sports and restaurant complex in Manchester the existing gas protection system was causing frequent evacuation of the property. The non-disruptive and discreet installation of four Positive Pressure Units gave the structure the uninterrupted protection of an engineered positive pressure system.

At a leisure centre subsidence of the ground had revealed that the gas barrier installed during construction had numerous splits. Varying in size up to 200mm the poured concrete could be seen protruding through the membrane with ten being visible in a randomly selected area of 15m². The retrospective installation of six Positive Pressurisation Units gave the building the required level of gas protection.