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Radon Protection

Radon is a naturally occurring gas formed by the decay of Uranium. It is present in many places throughout the UK. Radon is the highest cause of lung cancer after smoking contributing to around 1100 deaths per year with the UK.

The health and Safety at Work Act which places a duty of care on the employer to ensure that the radon level within the building is kept below an annual avarage of 300 Bequerels per cubic metre. 


Existing Buildings

Prestige Air have over 20 years’ experience in the field of Radon mitigation and have developed the twin Fan 500 Radon mitigation system designed to protect existing buildings without the need for vertical riser pipes on the outside of the building. On existing buildings we will survey the property and provide a fully costed proposal for the works. Prestige Air Technology are full members of the Radon Council.


New Build, Basic Radon Protection

Our Basic Radon protection consists of a high quality Radon membrane professionally installed by NVQ Qualified membrane installers.

New Build, Full Radon Protection

  • Smart Sumps. Each radon collector is a smart sump which collects and deactivates the radon gas.
  • Prestige Air have been pioneers in the field of radon mitigation for the past twenty years and have also developed systems specifically to protect new build commercial projects.
  • The system is compatible with all types of construction and provides complete protection from radon.
  • The system is modular with one module protecting 1,000 m². The Illustration above in the header of the page is a two module system.
  • The external manifold vents create pressure gradients across the floor construction to promote air flow throughout the system.