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Integrity Testing

Prestige Air Technology are one of the Country's leading authorities in the application of gas integrity testing as a means of checking the quality of installed gas membranes.

Originally developed by the company to verify the integrity of its own systems the technique has now been made more widely available as an independent integrity test to the construction industry.

The conditions under which gas membranes are installed are often difficult and can adversely compromise the integrity designed into the product by the manufacturer.

It is the purpose of the test to maintain this integrity by allowing the installation to be certified as representing the required gas resistant barrier after it has been installed.

The test is carried out on the membrane immediately after its installation and prior to it being covered up by the ensuing construction processes. The area below the membrane is temporarily pressurised with a mixture of clean air and a specialist tracer gas which seeks out and identifies any leaks within the membrane. The tracer gas used is both non toxic and inert and has been selected for its extreme sensitivity to detection. Specialist equipment sensitive to the tracer gas is used to trace all leaks within the installation with particular attention being paid to the critical points and junctions formed between the membrane material and other structural elements prior to conducting a detailed sweep of the complete area. The process is an on going one with the leaks being traced, sealed and re-tested before the membrane test certificate is issued.

Prestige Air Technology are one of the countries leading providers of gas integrity testing services with over twenty years experience throughout the construction industry. The core services we provide are outlined below:

  • Gas Integrity Testing - Installed Membranes tested and certified in accordance with Prestige Air's unique tracer gas integrity test

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All Prestige Airs’ systems are tested for their fitness for purpose prior to hand over of the completed system.

Existing Passive Systems

Where subsequent construction may have compromised the installation of the gas membrane or where there exists a question mark over the systems function Prestige Air can test the performance of the gas membrane and the completed system.

If the gas membrane is found to be failing then the correct level of protection can be restored by the retrospective installation of a Positive Pressurisation Unit.

New Build Systems

The Clean Air Blanket range of gas protection systems all include a manifold of sub-floor probes which allows gas and pressure levels to be recorded at the point of hand over and at any time during the life of the system to demonstrate the continuing existence of the gas barrier created by the system.